Ever Wonder…

Did you ever wonder what happens to all your photos if you should pass away? I am 97 years old and had that thought. How to preserve your photo work, I took my best images and made a coffee table size photo book of them with Mixbook (mixbook.com) and gave copies of the book to […]

Demise of Stock Agencies

The one thing that I regret is the demise of many stock photo agencies, due to the fact that so many people shooting digital photos today think they are good enough to advertise their photographs for sale on their Websites on the Internet at very low prices. Sure they have pretty pictures but what makes […]

Seminars in the 70’s and 80’s

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, there were only about two dozen photographers from the Photographic Society of America (PSA) who presented photo workshops or all-day photo seminars. I am happy to say that I was one of them, with six all-day photo seminars presented to large photo organization across the USA and over a […]

On Photo Manipulations

I don’t subscribe to the notion that the image you capture in the camera is the image you have to end up with. At age 97, with 85 years of photography under my belt, I have come to believe that my photos are just a starting point. From there, I bring my creativity and artistic […]

Before Digital Photography

In the years before digital, not many people would take the time and the monetary expense to really learn and take photo images because of the cost of each shot. If you were shooting black and white film, you had the expense of developing the film and making prints. Those who shot color negative fim, […]

The Magic of Selective Vision

Photo composition is the foundation upon which we build our photo images by the correct selection, arranging, organizing and combining the visual elements within the picture area to produce a harmonious and pleasing photograph. The following rules of photo-composition are for guidance only, not for absolute and complete obedience by photographers. No picture was ever […]

Adding Clouds or Sunsets

Adding clouds or sunsets to a bare blue or white sky without using layers: If a photo has a sky area you do not like, such as a bare blue or white sky, you can add clouds or sunsets to the sky area. This is done by cloning and placing the main photo and the […]

Jenne Farm and the Sugar House

Mileage, Photos And Directions to: FAMOUS VERMONT PHOTO-SCENIC JENNE FARM AND THE SUGAR HOUSE (Both are off Route 106 out of Woodstock, Vermont) First of all you have to drive to Woodstock, Vermont as your starting point. Woodstock is a quaint Vermont tourist town with hotels, motels, restaurants and gift shops. It is one of […]

Vermont Shooting Tips

Shooting Tips for Digital Photographers in Vermont Since you are shooting “digital” and do not have to worry about film costs anymore, you will probably shoot many, many more images that you would have with film. Take photos of everything that interests you as you can delete the bad ones when you get home. Shoot […]

Unique Birthday Cake

I just had my 95th birthday with thirty relatives and friends attending a big party on March 12th. It was planned by my two daughters from the West Coast, who came East to help me celebrate. After a delicious lunch of Chicken Piccata and a wonderful lobster dish, they wheeled out the most unique and […]